Thursday, March 17, 2016

9 Activities for a Preschooler Tag-Along

One of the questions that I get frequently asked is "What does your little one do while you homeschool your older daughter?" In order to give a visual answer, I've been collecting these pictures over the past few months. Sometimes these were activities that I laid out the night before, sometimes they were things she found for herself, but they are all activities that have been frequently enjoyed.

1. Participating with Us

This is so important, and I forget more than I like to admit. She wants to be included, and if I think a little bit, many times I can find a simple way to include her. She loves being read to, so she often listens during all of our read-aloud times. She also loves when her big sister reads to her.

This was a fun math activity that involved M&Ms. How could she be left out?

I very recently made her a box violin so she could practice with her sister and bring it with to violin lessons. This has been HUGE! Before this she was becoming disruptive at lessons, and this was the answer we were looking for. She'll probably start her own lessons sometime this summer, so it's good practice but also good pretend fun.

2. Coloring

Crayons. Colored pencils. Markers. Hats. So fun.

3. Biggie Beads or Pattern Blocks

Free play making patterns can occupy toddlers and preschoolers for quite some time.

4. Dry Erase Cards and Markers

I have two sets of these cards, numbers and ABCs. They are dry erase and include small puzzles on each card.

5. Drawing

The lap station works wonders to draw a preschooler's attention. Fill those side compartments with some fun paper and pencils.

6. Math Manipulatives

Every time we get out our big bin of math manipulatives, she has to play too, of course. The geoboard with rubber bands is a big hit. She also has her own set of cuisenaire rods that she pulls out every once in awhile.

7. Puzzles

She could do this for hours. I set this out for her during our read-aloud time one day.

8. File Folder Activities/Games

I have a few of these she can do on her own. I also have some I play with her when we spend time together one on one.

9. Whatever She Wants to Do

Imagine my joy when she is easily occupied with some 'friends' and a mirror.